Hi, I'm Sonia.

For almost two decades I have walked the tightrope between being a parent, and being a professional in the family engagement space. I am a service user, a carer and a mum. And I have helped hundreds of families, professionals and organisations find ways to build strong collaborative partnerships.

For parents, engagement feels intrusive and intimidating. For professionals it feels like hard work.

My work guides both parents, and support professionals who work with them, to find common ground and achieve amazing things. When parents and professionals understand each other and work as partners toward better outcomes for children, we see:

  • empowered, committed parents
  • professional partners feel confident and effective in their work
  • difficult conversations become easier
  • children experience improved outcomes in development and learning

By working together, in a way that is genuine, authentic and meaningful, parents and professionals can achieve amazing things for children, young people and whole communities.

Let me show you how.