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Hi, I'm Sonia.

Our communities are full of potential – to thrive, to create and to become.

I believe, with families and children at the centre, we can co-create a future that is inclusive and based on the participation of all.

But none of us can do it alone.

We need to embrace the collective, celebrate difference and lean into the challenge of empathic engagement. Through our shared decision-making and collaborative action, we can create a world where we all belong.

I am especially excited to work with communities and organisations who seek to engage with our most vulnerable citizens – children. Working with children to co-design in service development, delivery and evaluation, is innovative and courageous. It is these organisations who are showing up, innovating and forward-thinking in their search to be not just child-friendly, but genuinely child-inclusive.

By taking little steps today, we can pave the way for a more connected future, for our children and for ourselves.

Let's co-create something amazing, together.

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So who am I?

For the past 20 years, I have found myself continually drawn to working with families and children. I am a passionate advocate for creating a world where children and young people – of all backgrounds – are safe, supported and recognised as valuable contributors.

Working with hundreds of children, as young as 3 years, I have created a co-design methodology that not only provides children with a voice, but gives you the insight you need to innovate and be prepared to succeed in a post-Covid world.

I work with organisations across Australia who are looking to create accessible opportunities for children to co-design their future – starting today.

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