"I believe to shape a positive future, children, families and professionals must have an equal seat at the decision-making table. When one is missing, we don't have enough information to make the best choices."

Through project consultation, training and mentoring, I can:

Guide your team to make strong, confident decisions by inviting families and children to co-create the supports they need.

Develop your organisation’s child safeguarding by co-designing child-friendly strategies with children and families.

Build your confidence and knowledge to take a seat at the decision-making table – as a parent or as a professional.

Co-design with Children

Co-design innovative solutions to complex challenges within your organisation or community. Working with children encourages you and your team to think outside the square and see new ways of approaching your work.

Family Connect

Family Connect is a virtual platform designed to support families caring for a child with additional needs. It is a place for families to find the knowledge, confidence and support they need to live their best lives.

Workshops & Presentations

Sonia is available to deliver workshops and presentations on a range of topics related to working with and supporting families and children.