Children’s Voices in Community & Organisational Planning (RECORDED WEBINAR)

This webinar is for professionals who are interested in creating opportunities for young children (under 12 years) to share their ideas, perspectives and insights. It will:

  • discuss the importance of child participation for individuals, organisations and communities
  • identify essential elements for an effective, meaningful and safe engagement with children
  • explore how to create inclusive opportunities for children from diverse backgrounds (including disability)
  • identify barriers and enablers for engaging children

1 hour; $49

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Beyond Behaviour: Understanding and Responding to Complex & Challenging Behaviours in School, Home and the Community

  • Identify challenging behaviours and why they occur
  • Apply best practice approaches to de-escalating behaviours
  • Reduce the use of exclusion and restrictive practices


Engaging Children & Young People

5 Principles of Youth Engagement

  • Identify key principles and research-based best practice associated with engaging children and young people of all ages
  • Plan a strategic engagement session with children that aligns with best practice and meets organisational targets
  • Demonstrate an ability to address ethical and safety concerns associated with working closely with children and families

3 hours; virtual or in-person delivery; $149ppĀ 

Group rates available for organisation-specific delivery

Engaging Children with Disability in Community & Strategic Planning

  • Select and apply appropriate communication and engagement techniques for inclusive engagement
  • Plan and implement a genuinely inclusive engagement project
  • Engage responsibly and ethically with children and young people with a variety of disabilities, including those with communication difficulties
  • Identify and address ethical and safety concerns

3 hours; virtual or in-person delivery; $149pp

Group rates available for organisation-specific delivery

Working with Parents/Families

Parents As Partners: Effective partnerships with parents in an NDIS world

Info coming soon!

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Training can be tailored to your individual organisation or community needs.
Training can be delivered in person (travel costs may apply) or online.