When the Screaming Stops (chapter)

Sharing our personal journey opens doors to understanding. Here Sonia (and 14 other families) share their lives with raw honest and a sense of hope for the future.

Sonia’s story provides deep insight into the daily challenges of raising a young person with additional needs. Sonia explores sexuality, safety and intense emotions that come with a moment in time. She provides readers with a glimpse at the ongoing trauma and lingering doubt experienced by parents; and draws attention to the importance of strong connections, a positive identity and a sense of control for families and individuals. 





Little Voices, Big Impact: A Guide to Engaging Young Children in Community and Organisational Planning by Sonia Regan

This book is a comprehensive guide to engaging young children in your organisation, community group or education setting. Do you want to understand how to create opportunities for children to share about things that matter to them, in a way that is engaging and meaningful?

Sonia has compiled 10 years of knowledge and practice into this book and can’t wait to share it with the world!

It will include a broad introduction to why we engage children, how to do it in an ethical and responsible way, and what the benefits are for your organisation or community. It includes over 50 activity ideas to get you started – most of which Sonia has tried and tested directly with children under 12, or young people with a disability.

Contact Sonia if you are interested in learning more about pre-ordering this book before it’s official release!