About Sonia Regan

Sonia is passionate about working with individuals and communities to build empowered partnerships with families, children and young people. Through her personal experiences of challenge, adversity and personal growth, Sonia has developed a strong sense of social justice and community inclusion. She believes that effective engagement is more than a “tick box exercise”.

Sonia is a community engagement specialist with a difference. While most community engagement professionals focus on broad all-inclusive strategies, Sonia dives deep into finding ways to give children a meaningful role and actively participate in co-creation. She has spent 20 years “playing in the sandpit”, understanding the languages of children and the complexities of youth engagement. 

Sonia’s work extends to community, education, health, disability and child protection sectors. Her passion and expertise in finding meaning in the messiness of child voice serves her clients well, as they seek to co-design solutions alongside the world’s youngest citizens. She is passionate about improving circumstances for families, by building their knowledge, confidence and support networks.

Sonia is married and has two adult children. Her youngest son lives with a disability, providing Sonia with a unique insight into the challenges and experiences faced by many families. She combines her passion for youth empowerment and her personal experiences, to educate and support those seeking to provide the best possible outcomes for the families and communities they work with.

Sonia holds degrees in Sociology and Disability Studies from Flinders University (South Australia).