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Braving the world: self-care for parents of children with disability

Parenting a child with disability has lots of positives – and I feel like I celebrate and highlight them regularly. But the reality is there is also a challenging – often undiscussed – part of it all. Our poor mental health. Often our physical health is neglected too – but for now let’s consider mental health.

Self-care is minimal – and is the first thing to go when times are tough.
When you can’t leave your child alone in a room for fear of self-harm or damage, thinking about yourself gets moved down the list.
When you spend all your time, energy and finances on the needs of your child, it is hard to find the resources to do things that nurture you.
And when you are so busy trying to be a safe, secure base for a child who is struggling to navigate the world, maintaining your own relationships barely rates a mention.

Since our move, we have been working hard to get Aysh out and about, to understand and support his fears and anxieties and to implement new supports. But it can take it’s toll.

So today – and every day – be mindful of the pressures on parents/carers, because the days you see them out and about are probably the best of their days – when they have the emotional, physical energy to leave the house and brave the world.